Why are you here?

You have found one of the most comprehensive DUI information websites on the internet, Typically four different kinds of people come to this site:

  1. People who have been arrested for DUI
  2. People who are just curious about the topic of DUI
  3. Police or law enformcent officers trying to keep up
  4. Legal professional swho defend DUI case

If you fall into categories 2,3 and 4, browse the site at your convenience. But if you (or someone you care about) are in Category 1 and have been recently arrested, act now to protect your rights.

A Treacherous Path

Your personal freedom could depend on you having a clear understanding of complex process.

Examine the confusing procedures Georgia courts must take in a typical DUI case. Find out for yourself what is next on the agenda of due and legal process in your case. Understand the two different paths your case will follow. Learn why it is so important to have the right DUI attorney. Read more

DUI Emergency Shortcuts


Find out what you are really fdacing iof you should plead guilty or "no contest" to a DUI charge with Georgia's mandatory punishment.


Get your facts together and have your case reviewed online in your home or office, free! (Think! This is easy and free, why not?)


Save your license and extend your driving privileges. You may use this option, even if you refused testing! You do have rights, but you must act within 10 days.

Learn the Tricks Police Use

Find out the tricks police use in traffic stops. Understand how they are trained to make you look bad on tape. This is not Mayberry and thes officers are not Seriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife. Read more

Avoid These Mistakes

Spend a few minute reading this section and learn how you can help your DUI lawyer by not making the most common mistakes when you are stopped! These are the little things we all do just to be polite and courteous, but the police are trained to use them against us in court. Read more

Free Strategy Session

Get your citation and other paperwork together and provide me with some minimal information on this form and I will set your mind at east. No legal mumbo jumbo, no bull. If you have a defendable case I will tell you. Click here for the form.

Secrets to Avoiding a DUI

Good DUI lawyers know the secrets to avoiding a DUI conviction (and the police know they know and hate this section). Now you can know too! Learn the Secrets

Know When to Say When

Going out for the night? Find out how to forecast how much you can drink. Read more

Implied Consent: The Facts

Can you define implied consent? This Georgia law gives police officers the right to require you to be tested. It pays to understand the details. Read more