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The Georgia legislature has been as aggressive in enacting tougher DUI laws in recent years as the officers who patrol our roads . They simply don't want you driving if any substance is altering your ability to drive. The legal alcohol limit in Georgia varies based upon the driver’s age, and type of vehicle. Georgia laws for intoxicated driving define what amount of alcohol can be in a person’s bloodstream before being DUI “per se” alcohol, under three separate scenarios:

  • Drivers age 21 and older – 0.08 grams or more present + per se DUI;
  • Commercial motor vehicle operators are charged at 0.04 grams percent or more
  • Underage motorists, 20 and younger, are prosecuted at 0.02 grams percent or more

Augusta-Richmond County is the second largest city in Georgia and its 306.2 square miles is patrolled by the Augusta-Richmond County Sheriff's Office and the Georgia State Patrol.  The sheriff's office established a DUI task force in 1992 and this unit's sole and primary function is the detection and apprehension of intoxicated drivers operating on the roadways within Richmond County.

The members of the DUI Task Force operate the Sheriff's Office DUI Van equipped with a state-of-the-art Mobile Breathalyzer unit. Violators are taken to the van and tested. If the results are positive, the violator is transported to jail in the van. Warrant and driving records checks are also performed in the van.

The van allows deputies to process offenders more quickly without having to drive all the way to the jail. Road patrol deputies drive their cars to a central location on the side of the road and commit offenders to the task force members operating the van. This vehicle greatly reduces the downtime of the field forces and enables the task force to remain on the streets. The van can hold as many as 10 DUI suspects before having to transfer them to the jail.

If you are one of those suspects, you need the Intense Defese offered by DUI attorney Elmer (Pete) Young. Mr. Young is based in Augusta, GA, with an office in Savannah. He serves clients in Richmond, Columbia, Burke, McDuffie and Macon-Bibb County from his Augusta office.

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