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Elmer Young works tirelessly for his clients and has achieved a good result in 80 percent of his cases since he started specializing in DUI defense. But don't take his word for it. On this page you will find testimonials from clients who were thoughtful enough to share their experiences with us. It is Mr. Young's belief that the only true measure of his ability is getting results for his clients and there is no greater affirmation of these results than hearing from these clients. Please note that these are reviews uploaded to the Avvo Website by actual clients and their names have been withheld for privacy. Click here for more testimonials. This page also includes endoresements from other attorneys.

I have known Pete Young for over a decade. He asked me to help him become a member of the most elite group of DUI defenders in Georgia about 18 years ago, and has worked hard to distinguish himself among the DUI specialists in northeast Georgia. He has made a reputation for himself among judges, prosecutors and his fellow defense attorneys. I have referred him dozens of cases, and never had anyone complain with those many referrals. When I have cases in Richmond County or the surrounding counties, I call on Pete for guidance in dealing with the courts in that area. William Head, DUI and DWI Attorney

I have known Pete since 2001. At that time Pete made the decision to limt his practice to dui defense. He began by attending seminars and becoming involved in Georgia’s DODD group. Pete dedicated is life to the practice of DUI defense. He and his wife gave practically 100 % of his time to defending DUI cases. He is now the preeminent lawyer in his region of the State. Through his efforts he has secured countless number of not guilty verdicts by not being afraid to try new techniques. Pete is the kind of guy that thinks “outside the box”. You can not go wrong hiring Pete. He will make you proud to call him your lawyer. Gus McDonald, Defective and dangerous products Attorney

Mr. Elmer is a credible lawyer. He helped me throughout 3 numerous cases, actually helping me to receive the best outcome out of all three. Mr. Young is trustworthy and available not only for hiring, but great consultation as well. I would not hesitate to hire Mr. Young again or recommend him to anyone in need of his assistance.

Mr. Young was incredibly professional throughout the course of my DUI case. I came into this situation not having a clue what to do or how to do it and Mr Young supported me every step of the way. He worked day and night to reduce my case to a reckless driving charge and was nothing short of successful. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced, especially in dealing with DUIs in the local area. I owe my freedom and well-being entirely to the professionalism and expertise of Mr Young.

Mr. Young was incredibly professional throughout the course of my DUI case. I came into this situation not having a clue what to do or how to do it and Mr Young supported me every step of the way. He worked day and night to reduce my case to a reckless driving charge and was nothing short of successful. Extremely knowledgeable and experienced, especially in dealing with DUIs in the local area. I owe my freedom and well-being entirely to the professionalism and expertise of Mr Young.

Mr Young is a straight forward man who knows his line of work. If you are in need of a dui attorney this is what you want. I got my first dui in Savannah almost two years ago and Mr Young kelp me driving the whole time and that is a privilege within its self. Personally he did a excellent job for me and I'm thankful. He saved my career and that is something that is hard to put a price on especially a my age. Honesty I can't thank the man enough I'm so glad I found him.

After having a very unpleasant initial meeting with another high profile dui attorney in Savannah Ga, I decided to call Mr Young. After speaking with him for few moments I immediately felt like I was speaking with someone that was being upfront and honest with me.....a feeling I did not get with the previous attorney. He warned me not to let other dui attorneys play the part of the "boogey man" and try to scare me into hiring them. As soon as he said this I immediately knew I had been subject to this exact song and dance bull crap from the previous attorney I spoke with. Which angered me and at the same time assured me I was fortunate to be talking to an honest man. My motivation for hiring a dui attorney was.... 1) to keep my drivers license, and.... 2) to have the dui charge reduced to a non dui disposition. Mr Young accomplished both of these all while costing me $2000 less than the first attorney I spoke with. I highly recommend Mr Young, and rest assured you will be in good hands!

When I got charged with a DUI I was devastated. It put my entire livelihood on the line. I was at risk to lose my job and also my license to practice in my field. I went to Mr. Young because I absolutely had to have my case resolved quickly and I could not accept a DUI. He did all of that and more. My case was resolved in a matter of weeks because he worked hard to get it pushed through the court system. I also ended up getting off with a lesser charge that wasn't a DUI. He was always nice, polite and professional and I also never got the impression that I was just a "paycheck" to him. I honestly think that he does what he does because he enjoys it and likes helping people. I won't lie, he is a bit pricey, but he is worth every penny. He will do everything he can to get you your desired outcome.

I had myself in a sticky situation. From that point in time I thought it was the end. After a doing a little searching and from a few recommendations I was able to find Mr. Young. Mr. Young was always available to answer questions I had about my case and ease up the stress. With the help of Mr. Young, my DUI was dropped. I ended up having to plead no contest to failure to yield which was the reason I was pulled over. That resulted in a hefty fine, community service, etc. The main thing is that I don't have to deal with a DUI in the future. I also have my license. Thanks, Mr. Young.

From the outset, Mr. Young had my best interests at heart and kept his promise to represent me to the best of his ability. Mr. Young is extremely knowledgable regarding the DUI laws in GA and the science behind DUI determinations. Using this knowledge and the particular circumstances surrounding my charges, he successfully negotiated a plea bargain with the GA Solicitors Office resulting in the Office dropping the DUI charge and me pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge. While the misdemeanor charge still requires me to pay a fine, be on a year's probation, do community service and attend DUI school, Mr. Young's successful representation left my record clean of a felony of DUI. I recommend him to anyone facing a DUI.

I found myself facing a DUI charge for the first time, scared and confused I searched for local Augusta attorneys and came across Mr. Young. His numerous positive reviews led me to consult him about my case. He was very informative and told me the positives and negatives to my case and did not pressure at all to hire him, instead, he told me to take my time and think about my decision. I decided to trust him with my case and hoped that he would help me. I remember him calling him one day after work and I broke down in tears (the whole process was very emotionally charged for me) Mr.Young calmed me down and helped me see the light, I knew right away I was in good hands. Fast forward to my dreaded arraignment day, I was utterly shocked at how smooth and fast the process was. The judge reduced my charge then to a reckless driving on that day. I was given hefty fines but at least I am free of a DUI conviction. Mr.Young had warned me that a quick charge reduction was not very common, but he was able to make it happen for me. I would not expect the same speedy resolution for everyone as all cases are different, but I would definitely recommend him to anyone facing the same dilemma as I was. I am very thankful to add one more positive feedback for Mr. Young. He saved my career!

If you are a medical professional & find yourself in legal trouble, CALL MR YOUNG. I was speeding on I-16 (as most do) was stopped & ultimately arrested for DUI. I will spare the personal details (because everyone's story is unique) & space here is limited. After days of crying, worrying not only about the driving consequences I faced, but my nursing license, my career! I began my research & found Mr Young. Made the call to his office, expecting to get a secretary, receptionist or even a recording, but was astounded...Mr Young answered the phone! Still in shock...he began by listening, gathering information & questioning the DUI circumstances. After 45 mins, he explained the pros & cons of my case to me & I was eager to go the next step. Hire him, sign the paperwork, & pay him. I couldn't believe what he said next, " I want you to take a breath, take a few days to take all the information in, pray about it and let me know if you still want to hire me." AMAZING!! Needless to say he was able to negotiate my case & I kept my driver's license, my charge was reduced to failure to exercise due care, he got my probation waived & the DUI was not reported to the state of ga. That was a good day! I will be honest, in the negotiations, there were some hoops I had to jump thru (DUI & DDC class, victim impact presentation,& a hefty fine) but the consequences would have been devastating had I not found Mr Young. He's not a magician but he's a lawyer who will look at every angle of your case & put tremendous thought into his every action & give you peace, respect, and the best results possible. I am a forever indebted, grateful nurse who gets to continue a career & appreciate the lesson learned. Thank you Mr Young