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Police Alerts

Important facts about Roadblocks!


Augusta, Ga., located in Richmond County, has seen heightened DUI enforcement during mid- to late-evening hours, especially during weekends and holidays. The Richmond County Sheriff's Office patrols the consolidated areas of Augusta-Richmond County and the Hephzibah Police Department covers that community. Here are the known hot spots:

  • Washington Road from downtown to Pollard's Corner.
  • Berckman's Road from Wheeler Road to Washington Road. Roadblock site at bottom of the hill on weekends, late PM
  • Peach Orchard Road from U.S. Hwy. 25 south to Tobacco Road.
  • Tobacco Road from Georgia Hwy. 56 west to Deans Bridge Road.
  • Gordon Highway (U.S. 25) from Peach Orchard Road to Bobby Jones Expressway.
  • Broad and Sixth Streets downtown. Roadblock site, late PM

Richmond County Sheriff's Office


Columbia County has two very large unincorporated areas, Martinez and Evans, patrolled by the Sheriff's Department, and several very small towns patrolled by their own aggressive law enforcement agencies. To the credit of the sheriff's leadership, Columbia County has one of only a few "certified" Sheriffs offices in the entire state. Columbia County still doesn't choose to keep its officers safe and increase the conviction rate by using video cameras in the patrol units.

The most active law enforcement agency after the Columbia County Sheriff's Office would be the Grovetown Police. Grovetown is just south of I-20 about 5 miles west of Bobby Jones Expressway (I-520). Harlem also processes many DUI cases each month.

Here are known hot spots in Columbia County:

  • Columbia Road east of Belair Road is heavily patrolled and police units are known to sit in the many shopping area parking lots watching for violators, despite their obligation to be posted within the rights of way and within sight for 500 feet.
  • Belair Road, which traverses I-20, Columbia Road and Washington Road has more than a usual number of DUI arrests, going into and out of residential and light commercial areas. Approximately 10 percent of all cases are made on this stretch of Road.

Columbia County Sheriff's Office