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Statesboro, Georgia

Statesboro is a college town. Actually a university town. It stands to reason with parties and football and 26,000 youngm sometimes careless, adults driving, DUI patrols are agressive in this once sleepy college town. In additon to the Statesboro Police Department, the Bulloch County Sheriff's Office and the GSU police force, the Georgia State Patrol Nighthawks Task Force South is based in Bulloch County and they all aggressively patrol the 673 square miles under their jurisdiction.

Statesboro DUI Attorney Elmer (Pete) Young is just as aggressive as the law enforcement offices in defense of his clients in the Statesboro area. Intense Defense is his strategy and while he doesn't condone drunk driving, he does think many innoncent people are caught up in the enforcement effort and it is his mission to see that they get a fair shake in court.

When a motorist is investigated by a law enforcement officer and arrested for drunk driving or drugged driving, this type of crime is ALWAYS for “DUI less safe” by virtue of some impairing substance. Alcohol is the leading  impairing substance in cases involving DUI in Georgia. Marijuana is a distant second. Other drugs (including prescribed medications) rank third, and other impairing substances take up less than one percent of DUI arrests.

Mr. Young has earned a reputation among the bar and bench for conscientiously and aggressively representing his clients' interests. With law enforcement earning huge amounts of money for sheriffs' and clerks' retirement funds and more money too for state prosecutors' education funds from these cases, drug and DUI cases are becoming more and more prominent. Whether you’ve had a DUI arrest or another criminal issue, Mr. Young is the attorney to call in Statesboro.

When the school opened in 1908, it was officially named the First District Agricultural and Mechanical School. In 1924 the A&M School was renamed Georgia Normal School when it added a teacher-training program and achieved accreditation by the American Association of Teachers Colleges; still, it remained a junior college. It went through several more name changes over the next 35 years and was given a new name, Georgia Southern College, in 1959. Significant change came in 1968, when the college received the authority to reorganize into separate schools of arts and science, education, and business. A new graduate school offered advanced degrees both on campus and in a number of locations in southeastern Georgia. In 1971 nearly 6,000 students were enrolled.

But that's just the beginning of the story. In 1990 Georgia Southern became the first regional university in the University System of Georgia and its growth since then has been phenomenal. Fall enrollment in 2018 totalled 26,408.

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